Gorge Dancewear has been in business since 2001 and was originally started by Nancy Clement as a way to provide quality dance apparel and accessories to Columbia Dance Academy students, as there was a huge need in the area.

Traveling to Portland with small children to seek out quality ballet shoes, tights and other dance apparel is very inconvenient. And even with the boom in Internet sales trying on and getting ballet slippers fitted correctly is a challenge, since ballet slippers comes in various widths, where is good, comfortable fit is important for you or your child’s success.

In 2011 Traci Hamilton purchased Gorge Dancewear from Nancy in an effort to keep this vital service available to the dance community. The convenience of Gorge Dancewear located right in the lobby of the Columbia Gorge Dance Academy is a huge benefit to the dance community. The self-help and self-checkout physical store is easy and convenient, and relies heavily on the honesty or our dance academy students and parents.



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